Egg Donation

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Egg  Donation

Suitable for women who cannot produce their own eggs, produce low quality eggs or cannot become pregnant despite using stimulation drugs. Egg donation cycles usually have a fantastic success rate (about 63%) and we have found solutions for many infertile couples. Let’s check the plan of your visits during Egg donation treatment at GYNEM.

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Egg Donation treatment


This price includes:
– One donor to one recipient
– 6 oocytes minimum guarantee (average 8-12 oocytes)
– Initial consultation, compulsory pre-treatment tests
– Standard stimulation medications for the recipient until the pregnancy test
– Fertilization via the ICSI method
– Prolonged cultivation of embryos to blastocyst stage
– Monitoring and consultations with doctors
– Infectious diseases testing for man (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)
– Sperm collection, sperm analysis (spermiogram)
– Selection, testing, compensation and drugs for donor
– Ultrasound examinations during treatment
– Embryotransfer of 1 – 2 fresh embryos
– Airport pick up, first transfer to the clinic with our representative

Why to choose GYNEM?

  • We speak english

    We have english speaking IVF client representatives

  • BrandNew clinic with modern technology equipment

    GYNEM is BrandNew clinic with modern technology equipment oriented at foreign clients.

  • 63% success rate Egg donation and 47% in IVF

     Our great experts do good job  in IVF treatment. We have 63% success rate in Egg donation and 47% success rate in IVF.

  • Top-Experts with experiences

    Our physicians and embryologists have have many international experiences in reproductive medicine.

  • 24/7 Support

    We offer additional services at no cost and special packages for all of our clients.

  • Individual approach

    We offer individual treatmentplans accoarding to your possibilities.

  • Age limit

    In accordance with Czech law, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment cannot be administered to women above 49 years of age, nor one without a verified male partner.