Suitable for women who cannot produce their own eggs, produce low quality eggs or cannot become pregnant despite using stimulation drugs. Egg donation cycles usually have a fantastic success rate (about 60%) and we have found solutions for many infertile couples.

Egg Donatio Prague GYNEM

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 

Suitable for couples who are having problems conceiving. Our team uses modern methods, such as ICSI, PICSI and PGD, which significantly increases successful conception and birth. The IVF method is a very popular and effective assisted reproduction technique in which your own eggs are used.



Suitable for women who want to delay childbearing in order to avoid the ageing of eggs.  It is also suitable for women with a family history of early menopause (premature ovarian failure) or women diagnosed with cancer.

We offer you Egg Freezing program for 1 490 EUR (incl. 1 year of oocyte storage)